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How to Confirm your JAMB 2017 Registration
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EDUBRAZEE 09:01 Fri, 28 Apr 2017

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As the JAMB 2017 Registration gradually comes to an end on 5th May, it is important to be sure you have been duly registered, or if the registration by Accredited CBT centres is successful.

One way to be sure is when you receive an email from the JAMB portal to confirm your registration. Apart from the fact that emails could be deceptive, or else you are sure of the sender, sometimes emails fail to be delivered.

The best approach to ascertain a successful registration is to ensure that your details have been entered directly on the JAMB portal and they actually appear on the portal. Once you are able to see your actual registration data on the JAMB portal, then you can relax.

Note that the importance of this procedure is to ensure you have been registered, before the actual closing date of 5th May. If you can't confirm your registration, there is still time to make amends before the closing date. This procedure does not concern re-printing of exam slip for venue and date because that will most likely come after registrations.

Although re-printing of slips were earlier scheduled to start 25th April, it is most likely that this procedure will also be moved to start as from 8th May. This is only an assumption and we will notify you on this site if anything changes.

Procedures to Confirm your JAMB 2017 Registration

The earlier procedures we provided seems not to be feasible so We are calling on JAMB to provide candidates with the official online mode of checking if registration has been successfully done before access to re-print exam slip is available.

If you see details there, then you should most likely be relaxed. If not, tell us what you see so that the GRupdates Community can offer guidance.

Remember, if you have a better way you think JAMBites can use to confirm their registration, please share with us.

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